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Writing Stationery Set | Mermaid
Writing Stationery Set | Mermaid
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Writing Stationery Set | Mermaid

Send mail the old-school way!

Studies show that kids who write letters by hand gain important cognitive development they wouldn't through typing on a keyboard. Besides the scientific proof, who doesn't love to receive a letter?! Especially one written on awesome mermaid stationery.


Set Includes:

  • A notepad containing 25 sheets (no loose pages to get lost)
  • 10 matching envelopes
  • 16 assorted stickers in various shapes and sizes
  • A resealable, protective-closure cello bag to keep everything neat
  • Sheet size 5 x 7 inches
  • Designed in Connecticut, printed in the USA


Reasons to write:

  • go offline
  • say thanks
  • make a new friend
  • say hi to grandma
  • save a note for future self
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