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Day 2: MATS | Creative prep - Lamps!

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Day 1: MATS | Creative prep
January 18, 2016

Day 1: Color Study 

Lately I've been feeling like I need a creative boost, a new direction.  I signed up for Lilla Rogers' online course Make Art That Sells. It's an intensive 5-week course, and I'll be posting my projects as I go along.


Today's little project was to find items around the house to make a color story.  I found several variations and could have done this all day - I didn't expect it to be so inspiring!

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NYC, 59th Street
November 26, 2015

While visiting relatives in NYC for the day, the kiddo spied the Roosevelt Island Tram and HAD to ride it.  It's a fun way to get a different perspective of the city and the Roosevelt Island side has a nice river walk with fantastic views of Manhattan.

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Lake Naraneka - Ridgefield, Connecticut

We like to walk the woodland trail that runs along the edge of this beautiful lake.

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Hudson, New York
August 29, 2015

Hudson, NY - a quirky, cool little city in the Hudson Valley. We took a day trip here after reading about it in New York Magazine:

It's a small city with Brooklyn attitude.  Lots of restaurants and little shops selling antiques and local/handmade items.  We combined this with a visit to Olana (a mix of Victorian and Middle Eastern architecture) and stops at farm stands for organic veggies.

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Oh deer!
August 15, 2015

The longer I live in the 'burbs, the more I appreciate nature.  The fawn in this pic was born directly outside my office window, and I'd like to think it's because Mama deer trusted me enough to know it was a safe place.

The family sometimes visits my bird feeder, and it's been fun to watch the fawn grow throughout the summer.   

Papa deer has speckles of blood on his antlers, probably caused by running into branches.  Apparently, when the antlers are "in velvet", they are highly vascularized and easily damaged.  In the winter the antlers will harden and then fall off before regrowing in the Spring.

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And it was all yellow
August 02, 2015

I LOVE this part of summer, when the flowers are all in bloom, the garden is in full swing and the critters are lazily enjoying the abundance.  Yellow sums it up perfectly...warm, rich and hopelessly optimistic (as if these days will never end).

1.  Goldfinch spying the sunflowers and daisies in the backyard

2.  Marigolds with tiny butterflies

3.  Swallowtail butterfly caterpillar eating dill in the garden

4. House Sparrow

5. Sunflower

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July 26, 2015

We're just back from a week in Bermuda.  It was a nice little getaway, and much needed since I've been working 12 hour days for the last six months!  I loved the brightly colored houses on the hillside, as well as the dilapidated buildings of the dockyards.  

This is probably obvious, but I was surprised to discover that there wasn't a whole lot of wildlife in Bermuda...unless chickens count: ) The Great Kiskadee was a nice find.

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A mystery pod
May 10, 2015


I found this mysterious looking pod while gardening and put it into a bug box for my daughter to hatch.  I assumed it was from a praying mantis since our yard usually has several every summer.

We put the box under a shady bush and went out for lunch.  When we returned, there was a beautiful luna moth clinging to the underside of the box cover!  It was such a fantastic surprise for me because I hadn't seen one of these since I was a kid.  

We let it go and it disappeared into the hostas to wait for nightfall and the start of it's week-long search for love : )

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A collaboration with Wallies
February 22, 2015
mermaid wall stickers

Mermaid wall stickers - Sea Urchin Studio for Wallies

Wallies makes some really great wall stickers, so we were thrilled to be able to work with them recently.  The little mermaid we designed would look great in a little girl's bedroom, or bathroom, and matches perfectly with our best-selling "Happy Mermaid" wall art.


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