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A gift to be treasured
March 07, 2016

What better gift to give a new baby than a warm, snuggly blanket?  Better yet, a totally custom, heirloom-quality, patchwork blanket.


A few weeks ago I enlisted the help of Barb Patrick from Bitty Birdie Design to create a blanket using our "Forest Fellows" (Robert Kaufman) fabrics.   Barb added in fabrics from her personal collection and came up with a stunning design.  It's a great balance of retro and modern that works equally well in a nursery for boys or girls.

Whether you're interested in fabrics from Sea Urchin Studio, or a combination that is all your own, Bitty Birdie can help you create a beautiful blanket that will be treasured for years to come.

Are you interested in having a custom quilt made for your special baby?  Visit Bitty Birdie to see more quilt options and pricing.

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Watercolor Mermaid wall art by Sea Urchin Studio

We've been busy making new art this month!  Our watercolor mermaid was due for a makeover, and the matching seahorse and turtle got one as well.  All are available in our shop, in your choice of either premium fine art paper or canvas.

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How to frame our 12x16 posters
September 05, 2014
So you found a print you love, but searching for a frame and figuring out what size you need makes you a little bonkers, right?   

Here is what I do to determine what size frame I'll need:
1.  Decide on whether or not the art will look better with a mat.  If there's no mat your frame will simply be the size of your picture. 
2.  How much space should the mat take up around the picture (I usually choose 1.5"-2") 
3.  A 2" wide mat adds 2" to each size of your picture
4.  Mat size + picture size = frame size (ie, (12"+4=16) + (16"+4=20) = 16" x 20" frame

The good news is, we specifically design all our prints with frame size in mind.  If you live close to a Michael's or an IKEA, you're set.  If not, there are some good online options for frames as well - we find nice, inexpensive choices on Amazon, and AI Friedman, Aaron Brothers and Fast Frames.  If you want something totally custom (that won't break the bank), is a great place to look. 
See, it's not so hard after all : )
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Mermaid & friends wall art ($24 | set of three prints).  Choose from three gorgeous mermaids - Pink, Blonde, Brunette

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Art for twins
March 04, 2014

A cute little set of prints that will hang over the beds of girl and boy twins in their new "big kid" bedroom. Please visit our etsy shop, where many of our items can be recolored or personalized.

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SAFARI room inspiration
January 02, 2014

1. Sea Urchin Studio Jungle Party Art Prints  2. Kinkelihut shelf and seat  3. Petit Pehr Canvas Arrow Bin  4. Petit Collage Safari Animals Puzzle  5. Sea Urchin Studio Lions and Tigers and Bears Art Print  6. Bullyland Rubber Hippo  7. Bobbin Cricket Stool  8. Safari-in-Gray-Throw-Pillow  9. Tiny Little Fly Picture Book 10. Jonathan Adler Crochet Lion Rug

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Sparkly mermaid canvas
April 21, 2013

I recently finished working on a mermaid canvas to be sold in Home Goods.  My daughter went nuts for the glitter, here's hoping other little girls like it, too!
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new art
April 20, 2013
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DIY kiddo storage tower
February 27, 2013

I recently noticed (with horror) the post-holiday explosion of Barbies, ponies and tea cups that had taken over my daughter's bedroom and had to find a solution.   After researching all sorts of options, mostly way more expensive than I wanted to go, I ended up at Ikea.

Their Expedit bookshelf is incredibly versatile and, at $70, exactly what I was looking for.  Because it is finished on all sides, you can use it horizontally or vertically.  Initially I was going to use it horizontally and put her dollhouse on top so she'd be able to spread out the furniture but space was not on our side.

The boxes are also from Ikea -- they came with lids which I left off for easier access. Adding numbers (mine are paper, but painting them would be great) to each box has ended up being the best feature -- "mommy, where is the cowboy hat for my pink mermaid?"  "check box #6".

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Deep Sea Cutie
October 05, 2012

Our pink-haired mermaid is apparently quite a hit with little girls.  She's available as an oversized print and also a growth chart in our shop.
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