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classroom Valentines
February 11, 2015
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If you have a child who loves cats, this is a truly purr-fect party idea! 
My very crafty friend Jen recently threw a cat-themed birthday party for her daughter and was the inspiration for this post, as well as the party invite I created below.  She painstakingly decorated every one of those adorable cat cookies (#4) using a PKU-friendly recipe from Cook For Love.
At the end of the party each child went home with their very own adopted kitten (stuffed, of course!).
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How to frame our 12x16 posters
September 05, 2014
So you found a print you love, but searching for a frame and figuring out what size you need makes you a little bonkers, right?   

Here is what I do to determine what size frame I'll need:
1.  Decide on whether or not the art will look better with a mat.  If there's no mat your frame will simply be the size of your picture. 
2.  How much space should the mat take up around the picture (I usually choose 1.5"-2") 
3.  A 2" wide mat adds 2" to each size of your picture
4.  Mat size + picture size = frame size (ie, (12"+4=16) + (16"+4=20) = 16" x 20" frame

The good news is, we specifically design all our prints with frame size in mind.  If you live close to a Michael's or an IKEA, you're set.  If not, there are some good online options for frames as well - we find nice, inexpensive choices on Amazon, and AI Friedman, Aaron Brothers and Fast Frames.  If you want something totally custom (that won't break the bank), is a great place to look. 
See, it's not so hard after all : )
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Lemonade Stand
July 13, 2014

PB&J, cookies & milk, summer and lemonade...some things are just meant to go together!

A friend and I put together a little roadside lemonade stand last weekend with our kids.  I have to admit, I just thought it would be a good way to keep them busy for a few hours and maybe I'd get a few cute pictures of the kids in action.  I hadn't considered that it would also be a mini lesson in entrepreneurship.  From setting up their product (and sampling it many times for quality), to handling money and customer service, it was a nice little intro to running a business and the kids were proud of what they accomplished.  

Props to the many generous neighbors who turned out in support!

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twirling & clicking
September 16, 2013

I let my daughter play with my iphone whiling standing in line at the post office last week.  There were lots of butt pictures, the underside of the table, etc and then this.  She must have been twirling and clicking -- the results were unexpectedly beautiful.
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NY NOW - building my booth
August 27, 2013
This was taken before the show started, when the overhead lights weren't yet turned on.  Once the show started, I unfortunately forgot to take a better pic.

I realized a few months back, when I started a trade show board on Pinterest, that I'm not the only one struggling to figure out how it all gets done.

After only two shows at NY Now, I'm definitely not an expert but wanted to share some pics and resources that were very helpful to me while working within a small budget.

To start at the beginning, this is what you get when you sign up for an 8x10 booth in the Baby & Child section at NY Now (other sections offer different options).

It can be a bit of a shock to show up and see just how empty the space actually is.  But with a little foam core board, some double-stick tape and a level, it cleans up pretty nicely.
Using furniture that was lightweight and/or foldable was high on my list of priorities since we were driving to the show and setting up without help.  This is also a very useful idea post-show, when all escalators are immediately shut down, and elevators commandeered by hired show movers.  It can take hours to lug that furniture up the stairs.

I found a "pop up" metal table and shelf at Crate & Barrel, and used FLOR carpet tiles in our signature aqua color.  The chairs were tough to bring since they don't stack or fold, but I thought the wood added a nice, natural element to the design.  The horizontal shelf is from IKEA, it weighs about a ton and was left behind after the show.  The baskets are also from IKEA, and surprisingly, they fold flat.  IKEA is an absolute treasure for trade show furniture with it's flat pack boxes, low prices and clean design.

Some of my favorite design elements were:

  • the greeting card shelves (J bead from Lowes, 10' length for $2.00).  It can be cut with sharp scissors!
  • numbered map tacks in place of SKUs
  • vinyl titles to make everything more organized
Trade show booth building tools I wouldn't want to live without:

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NY Now 2014
August 15, 2013

Our booth at NY Now - get the details on our blog:

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DIY kiddo storage tower
February 27, 2013

I recently noticed (with horror) the post-holiday explosion of Barbies, ponies and tea cups that had taken over my daughter's bedroom and had to find a solution.   After researching all sorts of options, mostly way more expensive than I wanted to go, I ended up at Ikea.

Their Expedit bookshelf is incredibly versatile and, at $70, exactly what I was looking for.  Because it is finished on all sides, you can use it horizontally or vertically.  Initially I was going to use it horizontally and put her dollhouse on top so she'd be able to spread out the furniture but space was not on our side.

The boxes are also from Ikea -- they came with lids which I left off for easier access. Adding numbers (mine are paper, but painting them would be great) to each box has ended up being the best feature -- "mommy, where is the cowboy hat for my pink mermaid?"  "check box #6".

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kiddo art table
March 14, 2012

I've been looking for a good art table for my 3 year old daughter for quite awhile.  We had a roll of MÅLA paper & stand from Ikea, and it was working, but I was tired of moving the stand around and putting it all back together every time she knocked it off the table.

I found this great art table on Martha Stewart and loved the idea but thought the under table shelf might be hard on little knees.  I used the brackets suggested but chose another Ikea table.  Because of the smaller dimensions of the table, I also had to upgrade the paper roll to a smaller width.  I added a wooden strip at the opposite end of the table which holds the paper down and also works as a cutter.  I was in a hurry to put it all together, so left the wooden strip unfinished, but this piece would look great painted in a contrast color or white to match.

The results aren't perfect (the paper roll is a little hard to put on/take off), but the paper is great quality, the table looks nice and my daughter is happy with it.

Materials used:
Ikea Gulliver table & chairs (available in store only)
Beka paper roll
Gooseneck brackets from Ann Wallace
18" long wood strip (I used a piece from the Ikea paper stand mentioned above)
Washers used as spacers between wood strip and table
2 screws to secure wood strip

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Mademoiselle Lapin
December 05, 2011

I found this adorable little French bunny pattern on etsy a few weeks ago and couldn't wait to make it for my daughter. 

Let me start by saying that I haven't touched my sewing machine for several years...not since my days as a fashion design student at FIT completely killed any desire I ever had to sew things. 

I'm sure it took me much longer then it would for someone who sews more often, but it was a surprisingly easy and fun project.  So much fun, in fact, that I ended up sewing for the entire weekend.  My daughter's response to Mlle Lapin (we named her Brie) "Oh, a bunny!  Just what I needed".  And with a hug and a swoop, she carried her off to bed.

I'm ready to sew more stuff, thanks so much to the very talented Erika at Miko Design.

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