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I was so excited to see this adorable little girl on the BabyGap website this morning.  As some of you know, I was a graphic designer at BabyGap until very recently.

It was either bravery or insanity, but after six incredible years with the Gap (and 20 in NYC), I was ready to make some big changes.  Cabana was the last collection I designed before packing it up and moving on to a new way of life in Connecticut.

Cabana is all bright colors and fun themes.  I got to include my chihuahua Lola sipping a cold one by the pool.  It's about a girl's dream vacation -- a nice way to celebrate summer and an easier way of life.  That sense of optimism must have been on my mind as I said goodbye to dirty, crowded sidewalks and hello to a backyard full of songbirds and deer.

It was a great collection to work on and I couldn't think of a more appropriate way to wrap up a really interesting time in my life.  If you like my work, please check out the collection at BabyGap.

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